If You have a questions write or call us:
E-mail: info@redblue.lv Phone: 00371 29693275
.:Clown Duo "Red&Blue" greets You! Since July 9, we have been working at Nikulini Tsirkuse (Estonia):.

We are pleased to announce that we are preparing our personal clown show!
If you are interested in details, please contact us directly! We are always glad to all!

The first spectators can see us on July 4, 2020 at Baltic Beach Hotel Jurmala

On October 21, 2016 in the city of Daugavpils (Latvia) there has taken place the 10th circus festival for young actors "PARAD ALLE". Our daughter Polina has received a silver award for a performance Ekvilibr in group of the youngest participants there.

We won a special prize! A prize of the Dutch TOON HERMANS LIMBURGS KERSTCIRCUS - the second place among actors of the circus program.

On October 11 is over the International circus festival in the Chinese city of Wuqiao where we took and won a special prize from jury. And you are glad for us?

On February 22 in the small Latvian town of Dobele I passed a cheerful charity concert for children. Participated in this concert also a clownish duet of "RED and BLUE". Thanks to the audience for warm welcome!

The clownish "RED and BLUE" duet took part in show opening of the International Circus festival "GOLDEN KARL 2015" which took place on January 23 in the Riga Circus.

Our clownish duet started working in new scenic images on which worked a long time. From now on their repertoire became even more fervent, even more cheerful and is more colourful. The viewer of any age simply falls in love with actors of the clownish duet "RED and BLUE" and receives the mass of positive emotions.



We are international circus performers from Latvia and Russia,
a clown duet "RED and BLUE" - Ekaterina Mikhailova and Gennady Kantorovich

About us:

"I was born in 1969 in Riga, Latvia. Since I was a child I did gymnastics and swimming.
As a teenager I was fortunate enough to train and work with the famous  Latvian group "Yauniba" where i have learned the art ofcircus performance.  With a variety of skills 
like juggling, aerobics and clowning I performed in 
USA, Sweden, Norway, Danmark, Russia, France, Germany and many more."

I was born in Moscow in 1978. Graduated with honors from a music school.
From early ages I was a protege of the famous Chaynikovy circus performers 
and aerialists.At the age of 16 I started to work in the state circus 
company "Circus on Stage", and went on my first tour.
As an aerialist I toured numerous of cities in :
Russia, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, Denmark, Sweden, Norway."


We met in Denmark in 2001. Since then we perform together as the duo "Red and Blue".

Our little daughter, Polina, performs with us as well. She was born in 2005.
At the age of 6 she started gymnastics and entered the stage with us as a performer.

Over the years we have accumulated a wealth of experience.
With over 15 different clown acts our duo successfully performed in many countries.